Strange Conditions is Waiting for Young Sailors in Algarrobo

The young sailors of Bermuda will put all their skills on test opposite some elite in the world trying conditions at the OSAC in Algarrobo, Chile.

Those who are representing the island in this regatta include Sebastian Kempe, Kipling Roussow, Ben Redburn, Magnus Ringsted, Amelia Lewis, Christian Ebbin, Rachael Betschart, Nicole Stovell, Ava Adams and Laura Hupman.

Ebbin, Ringsted, and Kempe all are expected to shoulder the medal hopes of Island while Redburn, Adams and Rossouw all are making their debuts.

Dede Cooper, the Vice President Of Bermuda Optimist Dinghy Association (BODA) said, “We are not only happy to send some more performing and experienced sailors but also we are trying to bring this up for the next generation.”

He added “The team has 50 percent female sailors, which is fantastic at the same time.”

The regatta is being hosted by the club, Cofradía Náutica Del Pacífico in the Algarrobo waters.

Cooper added, “The regatta of South American is challenging and it has always been. Chile is known for the cold Pacific waters and waves, both these conditions are new for our sailors.”

Kempe was the top performer of Bermuda at the Optimist South American Championship (OSAC) last year in Uruguay, and he finished at the eleventh position overall.

The OSAC comprise of three championships: the first one is Optimist Individual South American Championships (OISAC), the Optimist Team Racing South American Championship (OTRSAC) and the Optimist Nations Cup racing (ONCR) that will begin on Monday.

Kempe, Ebbin, Betschart, and Ringsted have already made a great beginning to competing internationally in the new year.

To finish in the second position at the IPOT, Kempe rallied at the time of the final race in February, in Palamos, Spain. Ringsted, Betschart, and Ebbin also emphasized on their potential after they qualified for the gold fleet in February in Argentina at the Semena de Mar del Plata.