The Announcement of the Youth America’s Cup

The Youth America’s Cup has been announced that has been reinvigorated recently. This race will involve the fresh new class of non-hull, foiling, and the AC9F in the next two years. This competition has been initiated jointly by the Emirates Team New Zealand, the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, and the China Sports Industry Group.

This multi-leg affair will start with a fleet race seeding event in China which is set to take place in the month of November 2020. After that, a match racing event will take place in Auckland which will begin from 18th February and go on till 23rd February 2021. The finals will take place from March 8th to 12th 2021 outside the premises of the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron under the shadow of the symbol of Auckland, Harbor Bridge.

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Strange Conditions is Waiting for Young Sailors in Algarrobo

The young sailors of Bermuda will put all their skills on test opposite some elite in the world trying conditions at the OSAC in Algarrobo, Chile.

Those who are representing the island in this regatta include Sebastian Kempe, Kipling Roussow, Ben Redburn, Magnus Ringsted, Amelia Lewis, Christian Ebbin, Rachael Betschart, Nicole Stovell, Ava Adams and Laura Hupman.
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More Entries Before The Deadline For America’s Cup

The official date for the late entries for America’s Cup was 30th November and the Squadron of Royal New Zealand Yacht and Emirates New Zealand announced that an additional 8 entries (Notices of Challenge) were received by the 5 pm deadline. However, the committee said that only one of the entries can be accepted immediately while the rest of the 7 entries will be accepted on certain conditions, in fact, some of the entries made were invalid and were outright rejected.

The CEO of Emirates New Zealand team said that “they are really surprised and happy by the level of interest shown by the participants from around the world by the number of notices of challenge which they received on today’s deadline.”
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Nominations Open For Sailing Industry Distinguished Service Award

Industry Distinguished Service Award (IDSA) is being accepted. The award was created by the Annapolis Boat Shows (ABS) in the year 2014; this is the award to recognize the members of the sailing industry for their high standards of service, excellence and commitment. Annapolis Boat Shows each year the honors someone who has done something extraordinary through their continued and unselfish service for the advancement overall in the sailing industry.

This is the fourth annual 2017 Annapolis Boat Shows’ Sailing Industry Distinguished Service Award and this year it does not go to not want to just one person but this time there were two winners of this award. The winners were Peter Harken and Olaf, the founders of Harken, Inc. This is an international manufacturer specializing in sailing hardware performance, joined an impressive group of recipients: John Arndt, Alastair Murray and Margaret Podlich. All of them have made a huge contribution to sailing industry, both on and off the water.
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The Volvo Ocean Race (VOR) fleet on Sunday experienced wet and wild conditions on Day 5 of the race. The finish in New Zealand is still 4000 nautical miles away as the fleet charged southeast.

MAPFRE’s Blair Tuke said since the front hit, the ride has been fast, with 20 to 25 knots of breeze and 18 to 25 knots of wind. It has been quite a bumpy ride for the fleet with Tuke complaining of so much water on deck.

MAPFRE still maintain their very narrow lead over Team Brunel and Dongfeng Race Team.Team Turn the Tide on Plastic is 13 miles away but in the first group. Team AkzoNobel and Scallywag are in the second group even though Scallywag are trying a repeat of their southern ‘cutting the corner’ route like they did in Leg 4.

Dee Caffari from Turn on the Tide on Plastic said the current conditions would help them regain lost miles due to slow upwind sailing. He added that everywhere and everything were wet due to the water pouring in on the deck. For now no one on the team is complaining as the water is warm and the conditions would help them “cover some serious miles.”He added that the warm water temperature matched the air temperature of 19 degrees.

Day 5 of the Volvo Ocean Race from Hong Kong to Auckland has been an interesting journey so far. It has been quite wet and wild so far but the race is still miles ahead of the finish line on Leg 6.

Regatta Yacht Club Bras D’Or Begins

In Baddeck, 2017 year’s most important week is all set to begin at the Yacht Club Bras d’Or.

The yacht club will start its yearly Regatta Week on Sunday amid great euphoria with daily races. This will also include a variety of musical entertainment, which is scheduled for the week.

The commodore at the Bras d’Or Yacht Club, Eileen Woodford, said, “This regatta is the 104th consecutive of the club. According to my information, on Cape Breton Island, this is one of the longest running summer events, and we are proud that we are the part of it”.

“We host this event every year and we are hosting this year as well, because this has become the part of our tradition and history. For people who live out of Baddeck, plan their summer vacation to here only, just to watch this regatta. So, basically it is an unofficial week of come home for people of Baddeck, which is truly impressive.”

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Scarlet Oyster Wins Antigua Race

The Peters and May Round Antigua race was indeed a splendid match that took place between huge ocean greyhounds with an unexpected finish.

The race was seen as a battle that would make Vice Admiral Villeneuve and Lord Nelson proud of. It was indeed Scarlet Oyster of Ross Applebey that caught all the attention from behind for the victory of the race. It made the team achieve Peters and May trophy.

Applebey stated that although they were done with their start and were to go back, but they made it till the end. She strongly believes in participating in the Round Antigua Race. She is competitive enough to take part in the race and aims for victory. Also, she believes in improving performance from time to time to get to the top. It was a pleasure to win the race and is only the beginning for Applebey. There is a lot more to achieve. Continue reading “Scarlet Oyster Wins Antigua Race”

Lee, McKey Missed Accident Closely

Seng Huang Lee and Sam McKay, who are on trial race before Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race missed a major accident very narrowly.

The incident had alerted these sailors.

Seng Huang Lee and Sam McKay were on Lee’s yacht, Scallywag. They were sailing all smoothly, then all of sudden a ferry maritime boats came in their way. Lee and McKay managed to get escape from collision of this boat with their vessel very closely. If there would have been the collision, then it could have putted both Lee and McKay in big danger. The collision could have spoiled their dream of participating in the championship for the first time.

However, at the time of incident skipper David showed his seamanship skill and managed to skip the boat from a collision and made the disaster never happening. Lee and McKay were sailing in the Solas Big Boat Challenge that used to take place before the Rolex Sydney Hobart championship each year. Continue reading “Lee, McKey Missed Accident Closely”

Women’s Match Racing Support

Women’s matches on the water might not get as much attention as the men’s categories do, but things are set to change as the Rio Olympics revealed.

Most of the women’s teams that were victorious not only opened the eyes of the world to their capabilities but also opens doors to opportunities for their training. With Terry Kohler passes away, many are sharing details about this racing umpires and how he was enthusiastic about women’s match racing on the waters.

Those who knew him say that he was a passionate man who was passionate about values, family life, about his wife, politics as well as about the conservation of the planet besides being passionate about the sport of sailing. When it came to sailing Terry supported women’s match racing in particular. Not only did he encourage the sport, but also provided financial backing as and when he could.

Many state that Terry Kohler was a generous and philanthropic man. The day he passed away Women’s World Match Racing Championship had its opening day ceremony. It was also held at the yacht club that he loved and supported in Sheboygan which was his home town. There were several instances when he quietly supported the women’s match racing events, but that never came out in front till now. Continue reading “Women’s Match Racing Support”

Etchells NA Championship preview

Etchells Long Island Sound Championship finished on Labor Day at the Larchmont Yacht Club. Now, Etchells North American Championship will come about in the same waters beginning this Thursday, 9th Sep. The show will end on Saturday, 12th September. And, a practice race will take place on Wednesday.
The Top-3 finishers in Long Island Sound Championship – Steve Benjamin (Seawanhaka Corinthian YC); Jim Cunningham (San Francisco/ New York YC); and Peter Duncan (American YC) – will be taking part in the North Americans. A clutch of thirty-seven boats from the United States as well as Canada have registered for the race as of now.
Fifty years earlier, the IYRU declared a contest for the design of a 3-man boat to substitute the Dragon as Olympic keelboat. Skip Etchells, who was an American Yacht Club member at the time, took up the competition, which took to the design of Etchells as well as eventual formation of Class in Western Long Island Sound. American Yacht Club Commodore Peter Duncan, and their members, as well as staff, are happy to arrange this very important regatta in the waters where Etchells Fleet 1 turned into a reality.

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Magnetic Island Race to see classic yachts

The call has revealed for entrants to be a part of the newly introduced Classic Yacht Class for ninth annual SeaLink Magnetic Island Race Week. Vessels with time on their part and made for racing in an earlier time are advocated to join the meet that has a friendly and relaxed style. Often these boats are seen to be great examples of craftsmanship and tradition, whether they are old or belong to this modern age.

Denis Thompson said that there are no hard and fast regulations regarding qualification for Classic Yachts Class for the meet this year. A classic yacht is one which has probably been built and designed in a different time utilizing traditional construction materials.

Thompson stated that they believe that there are quite a few around including in Townsville and throughout North Queensland. They are attempting to encourage some of the older yachts which are there to enter. Those located as far a-field as Brisbane are also possible entrants. Continue reading “Magnetic Island Race to see classic yachts”