Students Yachting World Cup

14 teams were warmly greeted with an outstanding weather on the 5th day of the Student Yachting World Cup on the 18th of October 2013. The fifth day included 3 windward leeward races as well as a coastal one which announced the French team to be the winners with a day remaining.

Team USA, Germany and Belgium started of badly on the day. Switzerland & France were the two leaders sailed very fast and the coastal race was completed by them when it was not even one hour. But the second time France was overtaken by Australia who ended being first before Ireland, France and UCD. Though Switzerland had started well but couldn’t end up well as they faced trouble tracking around a buoy area which was crowded.

Among the 3 windward and leeward races, during the first race each crew had to face great difficulties to start because the current was too strong. Though till the end point France kept up the good work and finished first. The UCD team and Australia came second and third. The current strengthened during the second race and the waves being each crew had to be extra cautious to start. Though the teams had a lot of problem to manage the place themselves they kept distances so that they are not disqualified. This time the USA team had a flying start but due to a problem with the rudder, the UCD team couldn’t complete the race.

The Norway and UCD were forced to leave the competition because they had damages in their boats and thus they couldn’t take part in the last lap. The other crews concentrated more so that they can cross the end line early, during the last race. France, USA and England were side by side while they were approaching the finishing line. Though eventually with time France speeded up and grabbed the trophy. Then England and USA reached the finishing line. France created history by winning the Student Yachting World Cup on their 33rd edition.