Women’s Match Racing Support

Women’s matches on the water might not get as much attention as the men’s categories do, but things are set to change as the Rio Olympics revealed.

Most of the women’s teams that were victorious not only opened the eyes of the world to their capabilities but also opens doors to opportunities for their training. With Terry Kohler passes away, many are sharing details about this racing umpires and how he was enthusiastic about women’s match racing on the waters.

Those who knew him say that he was a passionate man who was passionate about values, family life, about his wife, politics as well as about the conservation of the planet besides being passionate about the sport of sailing. When it came to sailing Terry supported women’s match racing in particular. Not only did he encourage the sport, but also provided financial backing as and when he could.

Many state that Terry Kohler was a generous and philanthropic man. The day he passed away Women’s World Match Racing Championship had its opening day ceremony. It was also held at the yacht club that he loved and supported in Sheboygan which was his home town. There were several instances when he quietly supported the women’s match racing events, but that never came out in front till now.

For instance, he was part of the team that convinced ISAF Council to include match racing for women in the 2012 Olympics. When the decision was made Terry was busy planning a good umpire boat for match racing at his boat making facility. The venture was an expensive one, especially if one wished to get the ideal boat designed that would be athletic and come with a retracting keel. Even though the cost of getting such a boat and it ready for the pre Olympic regatta event in Australia was a costly one he stuck with the project and got it done.