Umpires For Sailing Races

With the world sailing techniques and equipment, evolving rapidly, it is definitely a challenge for those who umpire sailing events. For them it is becoming a game that has become faster than what it used to be before. The GC32s that use foiling technology as in Extreme Sailing Series are testing the skills of sailing umpires in ways that they have never had to before.

The boats are built to blast along the water and move at 35 knots. Direction as well as speed can be changed on the spur of the moment in these superior boats and hence, decisions need to be made instantly depending on the foiling techniques and whether the movements or the methods used are as per the rules of a tournament.

The umpires are now trying to keep pace with the foiling machines on the water. There is a team that is usually involved in keeping an eye on the boats, ensuring that they are moving as per the rules and the route and keeping an eye open for any foul play.

The Extreme Sailing Series is umpired by Ewan McEwan, who is the chief umpire for the team that looks into the races of this series, and did most of his training whilstyacht chartering in Scotland. It is necessary to have certain rules and procedures in place which enable them to smoothen out disputes that arise on the water.

Again, they also have to keep up with the fast moving fleet and pass their verdict. The modern sailing umpires need to ensure that the rules set down for sailing races are adhered to. There are umpire boats that have umpired in them to follow the races and to give penalties if the need arises. Teams who feel others have violated a rule will raise their issues with the umpire team.