Saphire 27 Beats The Others

The name for the winner of the most special yacht for the year 2012/13 has been announced and the winner for this category is Saphire 27. The recent boat show in Dusseldorf also held the program for the European Yacht of the Year awards and the name was announced in this event. Yachting World was one of the proud judges of this event and the decision they took was not an easy one considering the other nominations of which all of them looked to be the closest to win the award. However the decision was apt and there were several reasons behind the decision. According to the news after the program the team of Saphire 27 was overwhelmed and there were celebrations all over.

The Saphire 27 is such a boat which can be used in the racing circuits and also for weekend cruising. This shorthanded boat is quite easy to manage although many may question about the aggressive racy looks she has. Apart from this everything else is almost perfect with the mainsail being large enough and having a square top. One of the major changes that the makers have done is the retractable carbon bowsprit which was missing from the previous models. The aggressive hull chine together with the masthead asymmetric spinnaker makes this boat a real treat for the helmsman. The price of this boat has been tagged at €49,000 but considering all the qualities it has it will definitely be worth buying for the teams. They may also be impressed with the additional features this boat has such lead bulb keel and a high performance steel fin. This will be pointing in any direction the helmsman wants and this is what makes it different from the other boats that were there on the nomination list.