Nominations Open For Sailing Industry Distinguished Service Award

Industry Distinguished Service Award (IDSA) is being accepted. The award was created by the Annapolis Boat Shows (ABS) in the year 2014; this is the award to recognize the members of the sailing industry for their high standards of service, excellence and commitment. Annapolis Boat Shows each year the honors someone who has done something extraordinary through their continued and unselfish service for the advancement overall in the sailing industry.

This is the fourth annual 2017 Annapolis Boat Shows’ Sailing Industry Distinguished Service Award and this year it does not go to not want to just one person but this time there were two winners of this award. The winners were Peter Harken and Olaf, the founders of Harken, Inc. This is an international manufacturer specializing in sailing hardware performance, joined an impressive group of recipients: John Arndt, Alastair Murray and Margaret Podlich. All of them have made a huge contribution to sailing industry, both on and off the water.
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