Skipper of Oracle Knows The Strength Of New Zealand

Jimmy Spithill the skipper of Oracle has announced that New Zealand is the clear favourites who will advance to the American cup finals. Before the meeting of the competitor’s six skippers of the American team get together at London. Two new teams have joined the pack a French team and a British team headed by Franck Camass and Ben Ainslie.

The lineup is pretty tough according to Spithill but it is going to be the team of New Zealand, Emirates who have the highest chances of being in the final. It is on the basis of sheer timing and the record of history that puts the team on front. But every team has its own strength there is no denying the fact but what is going to be tested is excellence and the edginess which he believes the New Zealand team has.

Despite winning from 8-1, Spithill is not that confident or is this his strategy is yet to be seen but New Zealand skipper Dean Barker states that he has not forgotten the defeat and the line up this time is proving to be strong to boost up the challenge. The team reflected upon the loss and the wounds of defeat have not healed up so they will be planning for a great revenge. They have to jump and take up the added step so that they can place their victory.

Some fresh faces and exquisite talent is responsible or a confidence amongst the team members of New Zealand and other teams are also wary of their strength. For the record of challenger Luna Rossa is going to take over. A committee for the challengers has been put up for reviewing. The plan is to work collectively as a team and record any misguided result.