25 thoughts on “Sailing in the Surf”

  1. Just remember : Arrogant roadkill (hull killed) surfers when properly roasted and seasoned taste like chicken!

  2. 1:It seems the cat was operating too close to surfers, but a vessel maintaining headway speed has every right to approach a beach unless posted.
    2;As a sailboat does not always have right of way (sail cannot cross in front of a tanker in a channel) surfers/ swimmers are required to stay clear of a vessel under way! Surfer in question is approaching a vessel navigating thru surf and is required to stay clear.
    3:Sail had wave first
    4:Surf etiquette is just that, not law, look it up b4 u bitch

  3. Wonder why those cats bother with the waves when they can sail FASTER than the waves… Leave the waves for the poor, underpowered surfers.

  4. can’t stop watching it! in the same spirit, input languedoc cata on youtube! you’ll enjoy it!!

  5. I love surfing and I love sailing but come on guys…give the surfers a break….if you did that in NorCal you would get your ass kicked

  6. real sailing is this! hope to become skilled like u guys..for now I capsize often with my a class 🙂

  7. Having sailed a Hobie 16 for over 30 years all I can say is FANTASTIC, both video and song. Getting airborne at 20 knots can only happen on a catamaran (for two people).

  8. The video is great and when they get air flying over the crest on one hull wow. Very skillful and if this is their job where do I sign on!

  9. This was one of the first videos i ever watched on youtube.Its also one of my fave sailing videos ever! Great work!

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