20 thoughts on “Princess Mariana arrives to Puerto Escondido Oaxaca”

  1. Maybe isn´t one of the prettiest yachts in the world, but I need to say that it is an amazing yacht, you can´t aprecciate her beauty in a video, when you see this in front of you it becomes a majestic yacht that worth every penny of it. and it´s a pride for me to say i have seen this yacht several times, and it continue to astonish me.

  2. Definitivamente,o yate mais bonito que eu já vi.Absolutely,the must beautiful yacht that I see yet.

  3. Very beautiful.In my opinion,the most beautiful Yacht of the world,only lose to the perolus in magnificincy.

  4. Calling this an amazing yacht, tells me that you haven’t seen many.  There are so many that are large and better looking. This is a ‘nice’ yacht but I seen more than just a few that out shines this one.

  5. Carlos Peralta is the owner of the biggest copper and cell phone company in Mexico (IUSA and IUSACELL), among other successful companies.
    The boat is named after his wife Mariana Tort .
    You can find his father Alejo Peralta in wikipedia.

  6. Im from puerto escondido…and I really like to know the name of that song….

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