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  1. Amazing yacht, check out R Baker (Electrical) Ltd website we manufactured the power supplies for this yacht.

  2. Today while sailing in Savannah, GA, on my birthday, I was gifted with a sighting of this amazing yacht! Wow. Just beautiful!

  3. Palmettoboy8634. Mirabella IS here (Charleston) right now. I live across from the marina at Albemarle Pt. and saw it sail in this morning!  What a sight! (are you at Porter Gaud School beause it sounds like you have the same perspective that I do! The Mirabella sailed in shortly after sunrise this morning.

  4. Today I walked out of my school in Charleston, SC. I saw a giant mast sticking up above the trees and drove down to be marina and talked to the M5 crew. Tallest mast in the world, 3 square km of sail. 900 million dolla.

  5. @jakeornot You think that that thing was only 5 million dollars? Try 50 million

  6. I recently saw the M5 docked in Newport, RI. Pretty amazing ship; made the other big boats around it…not so big.

  7. 5 million dollars. This fuel-guzzling monstrosity was the “boyhood dream” of Joseph Vittoria, the former CEO of both Hertz and Avis? Most kids think a rowboat would be just fine. How about a square-rigged schooner instead?

    The vessel is a disgusting tribute to avarice, and anyone who sails on her isn’t worth his or her salt.

  8. Whoa, pure decadence… But, wow… what a beautiful piece of machine/art…

  9. Joseph Vittoria designed and had her built, he was CEO of AVIS among other things, and a wonderful man btw, he was a customer of mine, amazing person. He loves sloops and Mirabella I – V were a progression of increasingly larger sloops, always holding on the the record for largest. I sailed with him on Mirabella II, simply insane tech goes into these boats.

  10. and I’ll bet a nickel if you don’t use the a/c you can sail her without the gensets for a week or two

    burning no oil

  11. maybe it’s the camera angle but it almost looks like she has a clipper bow

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