Mal Lennon presumed to be dead

Yachtsman Mal Lennon, 62, who fell from a boat off the coast Port Stephens, is thought to be dead. Mark Hutchings, the Marine Area Command Superintendent, stated that the search efforts for the 62-year-old went on till early hours of Thursday, but they could not find him.

Port Stephens
Two helicopters along with marine rescue personnel looked out the area but they did not find the veteral sailor whose yacht, the Amante, had been swept off Broughton Island on Wednesday.

Speaking to a UK Yacht Charter Company, Hutchings told that because of the conditions and medical advice, they believe that he has not survived. What they understood is that he was at the helm when a large green wave came over the boat and he was swept into the sea.

ABC stated that he was coming back on the 36 cruise racer from the Pittwater to Coffs Harbour following a race. Hutchings added that they gave their hundred percent to cover the region and they believe that he was in. Rescue crews approached the yacht in the early hours of this morning and attempted to get a tow line to that vessel but were hit by a large wave.

The veteran sailor was reportedly not sporting a life jacket. The bad weather conditions hampered search efforts. As per Hutchings, authorities got mayday call from a boat with 5 people on board. They were taken to safety while one of them sustained a dislocated shoulder.