13 thoughts on “Maiden voyage of the Jobs’ new yacht”

  1. I explained that but I’ll make it clearer. If people use this comments stream just to swear, hurt and threaten people for no good reason, I’ll take those comments down. It has happened before. Just keeping out the trolls.

  2. i am not a believer in censorship but i’m going to instigate censorship. 2+2=5 . posh beauty expensive money empty zen buddhism for managers.

  3. This is such a cool yacht! I have never seen something of its style before, its very sleek and modern. I think it fit Steve’s style perfectly. I love how the command consols are IMacs. lol

  4. It’s “Shchedrik (Ukraine) Trailer ” by “transm”, its a creative commons licensed song, you can download it for free at ccmixter.org

  5. Wau, detail, detail, design is amanzing the desk bridge, a lot of the screen to make the navegation.

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