Lee, McKey Missed Accident Closely

Seng Huang Lee and Sam McKay, who are on trial race before Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race missed a major accident very narrowly.

The incident had alerted these sailors.

Seng Huang Lee and Sam McKay were on Lee’s yacht, Scallywag. They were sailing all smoothly, then all of sudden a ferry maritime boats came in their way. Lee and McKay managed to get escape from collision of this boat with their vessel very closely. If there would have been the collision, then it could have putted both Lee and McKay in big danger. The collision could have spoiled their dream of participating in the championship for the first time.

However, at the time of incident skipper David showed his seamanship skill and managed to skip the boat from a collision and made the disaster never happening. Lee and McKay were sailing in the Solas Big Boat Challenge that used to take place before the Rolex Sydney Hobart championship each year.

The near accident has taught a good lesson to both Lee and McKay and will help them in dealing with similar danger in the future (if it comes).

After the incident, Lee said “We have lots of technology on board to protect us from expected danger, but end of the day it is only the teamwork that makes the things possible when you are sailing.”

Both Lee and McKay are professionals and worked with reputed firms. But, it is their passion for sailing that brought them together. They both used to work with different organizations at different places. In a combined meeting of chief executives both met and shared strong bonding.

Now, it is to see what magic his bonding creates in a Sydney Hobart racing championship where participants from all over the world are coming to show their professional sailing skills.