DN World Championship

DN being the iceboat design made famous across the world, this annual winter race was recently concluded. The DN ice yacht is a premier design that helps promote ice yachting. Sailing enthusiasts help to fund as well as promote different ice yachting events across the world where hard waters prevail.

The annual regattas of the ice yachting event comprise of a Gold Cup for World Championship as well as a North American and European championship. This year the Gold Cup event was hosted by the North American organization. Usually the events are either hosted by the European or the North American organizations.

This year the DN World Championship was held in Kastela. The first races saw light winds which made it difficult for the boats to move. Even in such conditions the top favorite team was the Polish team which comprised of the multiple World Champions Karol Jablonski and Michael Burczynski. The North American championship of DN sailed from Green Bay and was launched from Peshtigo Harbor of the wildlife area. There were several more participants this year and many admitted that the race was gaining the status of a regatta race.

This competition started on January 23rd, which comprised of 105 competitors in total. The first venue for the races was at Lake Kegonsa in Madison. However, after three races were conducted on the first day it was found that the winds were too light and it became too snowy on day three. As a result the venues were changed subsequently. Ron Sherry was the winner who beat a fleet of 86 sailors as the race came to a close on 28th January. Sherry struggled with a broken mast on the first race but was able to recover and gain back his lead to finally take the title as the race came to an end.