Canados Launches Oceanic Yachts

A new brand of motor yachts that would be of the fast explorer type will be launched by Canados, soon. Canados has been manufacturing as well as selling yachts of outstanding quality in Italy for over 60 years. The fast explorer motoryachts brand that Canados will be launching has been named Oceanic Yachts.

The first three models of the Oceanic Yachts brand are ‘a 90’, ‘a 120’ and ‘a 140’. All of these models are supposed to offer displacement style cruising. The displacement style cruising will be below 140 knots. They will also offer semi planning characteristics from 14 knots. The top end will be as high as 28 knots.

According to the shipyard, the development process took place as a result of the existing customers, as well as the prevailing and upcoming trends in the industry. The primary aim that the developers want to offer with the Oceanic Yachts brand is to render extra volume in the interior as well as the exterior living spaces. The goal is also to provide lots of space for large toys and tenders. The models will also show high performance abilities and offer great cruising options. The cruising options offered by the models of the Oceanic Yachts brand will be economical an also low in terms of fuel burn. To achieve an economical cruising option with the low fuel burn requirement in mind, a concept called “displaning” has been used in the models of the Oceanic Yachts brand. Displaning is a hull concept that is used in the models and is a mixture of displacement and planning.

The first model of the Oceanic brand to be released in the market is the Oceanic Yachts 90. The model will be available in a diesel version along with a pair of Caterpillar C32 Acert diesel engines. The diesel engines will be coupled to straight shafts and a cruising speed of 24 knots. Another option available will be a diesel electric version with the Cats coupled with Fortjes pods with atop speed of 28 knots.