New York caps off sales tax on yachts to go one on one with Florida

New York is cresting its sales tax on yachts in a bid to lure back business from Florida and other locales that charge less. But the yacht brokers of Florida said that they are not really worried that the move would cost Sunshine State much.

This is because Florida has a grand lead over New York in yacht sales, as well as many New Yorkers bring their boats to Florida for the winter. So, even if New York picks up some extra sales, those owners probably will spend money at Florida’s marinas, repair yards and other services.

Jeff Erdmann, the chairman of Florida Yacht Brokers Association that pushed Florida’s tax cut on yacht sales in the year 2010, told that they would not lose many sales to New York in the grand scheme. They still have the better weather. Continue reading “New York caps off sales tax on yachts to go one on one with Florida”

Superyacht The Serene bypasses Nelson

A US$ 431 million super-yacht named The Serene, owned by exiled Russian vodka tycoon has docked in Wellington. As it went through Marlborough Sounds at weekend, a designed visit to Abel Tasman National Park coast and Port Nelson has evidently been cancelled.

At 134 metre long, the yacht is longer compared to New Zealand’s 2 navy frigates as well as multi-role ship named HMNZS Canterbury. Reports suggest that it feature an internal pool that carries seawater, 2 helicopter platforms as well as a helicopter hangar. It also has a mini submarine aboard as well as a spot called the ‘Nemo room’ – a glass paneled bulkhead for looking at the beneath of the ocean.

The Serene was docked at Queens Wharf yesterday. Charles Smith, the CentrePort marine services, told that non-disclosure documents suggest that he might not show how long the ship would stay in Wellington. Continue reading “Superyacht The Serene bypasses Nelson”

DSA Awarded 50,000 pounds by National Lottery Fund

DSA (Disabled Sailing Association) has reportedly received a whopping grant of 49,824 pounds to help them out in getting an adapted yacht for their Freedom 2 project. The charity was offered by People’s Millions funding initiative that is run by ITV & Big Lottery Fund.

Every year the lottery winners are determined by members from the public.

Freedom 2 Project would utilize the grant to buy adapted Hanse 345 that will allow DSA to take out more number of disabled sailing enthusiasts for the sport.

“We have been trying really hard to gather up bucks for 2 years now & this is our final amount”, stated Shirley Musgrove from Disabled Sailing Association. “Our members here are really pleased & we are like on top of the moon now.”

Fundraising for Hanse 345 has been going on over the past couple of years, along with funding from different other organizations & donations from the local people.

DSA’s new yacht is designed with specially made ramp which would be added on to the swimming portal of the boat to make it conveniently accessible for the disabled people.

Besides, there would be couple of steering wheels placed on board which implies that a crew member and instructor would be able sale simultaneously.

“We had folks who did not have this opportunity to go on sailing given their disability issues but now there won’t be a problem”, Mrs. Musgrove added in.

DSA already owns Hanse 350 that they purchased through grant from People’s Millions 7 years back in 2007.

According to sources, there would be competition within 2 weeks to decide the name of the new yacht. The charity is aimed to boost up teamwork, social integration & confidence as well as a feel of freedom among the sailors.